The Alliance’s mission is to shape the future of quantified companies, their people, their processes, policies and the technologies that make quantification possible.

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The big message is change is happening  and the changes will keep accelerating. This will be so disruptive that it requires a complete rethinking of employee engagement, security, privacy and technology adaption.

Quantification is using technologies and tools to enable people to get real-time feedback on behaviors to help improve overall health, wellness and lifestyle. The quantification movement is growing rapidly as the Internet of Everything, wearable technology, mobile devices, and data security standards are changing the way people and companies work.

Gartner research calls these trends the most disruptive trends in history. Quantified Companies Alliance (QCA) is working at the very convergence of these four trends by preparing people and companies for changing workplace environments.  

Quantified Companies Alliance (QCA) brings together thought leaders and best practices from different industries to help companies leverage quantification methods and technology.     

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